RUTA Sleep Reviews

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Works great, I can drink a diet soda at 7 pm, Take Ruta Sleep and be asleep by 8:30! Thanks Ruta Sleep!
— Dr. Tom Martin

Really a helps achieve a great nights rest!!
— Rachel W.

This really works

I have been using Rutasleep for 3 or 4 months it has dramatically improved my sleep. I am very sensitive to caffeine, and now can drink coffee in the morning and am getting lot better sleep at night. Highly recommended. No side effects that I know of.
— Teryn

A good night’s sleep
This is unbelievable!
— Friedrich

The only sleep aid I’ll take.

I usually can’t sleep if I have a caffeinated beverage after 5 p.m. or later. Seems odd having to plan when to take a sleeping pill but I manage to remember.. I sleep throughout the night without waking up.
— Matt Gibson

The first maybe 3 days I was drowsy the whole day after taking it, but my sleep has been wonderful. It’s helped me get more sleep, and better. Plus, I was taking pre-workout energy supplements and it helped them become more effective.
— Ben M.

Amazing! It works and with no side effects (I have a lot of food allergies, so that concerned me!) and I was not at all groggy the next morning! LOVE it!
— Cathy A.

Works like a charm

Rita works great and now with the melatonin, I get a gentle falling asleep experience that is quite enjoyable. Definitely recommend this product to any and all coffee drinkers
— Nicolas A.

Good Stuff!!

This stuff actually does remove caffeine and helped me sleep better. It’s the perfect supplement for me since I love my 2-3 cups a day. No more wide eyed laying in bed buzzing away : )
— JutGent

It actually worked

I don’t know how it works (and I don’t really care), but it worked for the two consecutive nights I took it. I popped only 1 pill instead of the recommended two pills.

This product is definitely worth a try for the times you over-caffeinate during the day and still feel caffeinated by bedtime. I’ll continue to use this product as needed and report back on its efficacy.
— MyBeesWax "A Music Fan"

Caffeine De-Tox That Works

It works. The only complaint my sleep impaired husband has had with this is that it can be hard to remember to take it four hours before bedtime. My calculations put this cheaper than the other herbal and zquil products we have tried. It is worth it especially since it does not add more chemicals to aid detoxes the caffeine with an herb then helps maintain sleep with melatonin.

Promoted a deep restful sleep for me

This product helped bring about a deep, restful sleep for me. I took it as directed, and “slept like the dead” the first night...but awoke without feeling groggy. The day after taking it I had good levels of energy and mental alertness.
— Kenpo-Jujitsu Teacher "Phil"

Surprisingly Impressed

Sleep doesn’t come easy for me. I’ve tried many natural aids from Gaba to Melatonin and though they help, rarely do I get a full nights rest from them. Ruta (short for Rutaecarpine) boasts that it is proven to remove caffeine levels from the system while it calms us down for slumber. On the night I tried it, I had a craving for coffee after dinner and though that is usually way to late for me I thought it would be a great opportunity to try my newly received Ruta.

I took my pills at 8:00 (they recommend two hours prior to bedtime) and seriously, as if preprogrammed in my subconscious, two hours later I was ready to dive into bed; so I did. I was in a deep sleep for 4 hours when I woke up (at first I thought this was the Melatonin wake up cycle - 3 hours and I’m up) but I was able to fall back asleep a few minutes later.

I tried it again the next day without the coffee in my system and the same thing happened - two hours later I’m out like a light. Best news is - NO GROGGINESS THE NEXT MORNING!

Ruta is hands down better than my experience with Ambian (which did not work for me without grogginess and some stomach distress) and Melatonin on its own.

I’m surprised because I’m naturally a skeptic but this stuff works for me. Remember, two hours before bedtime!!
— Mark H.

Slept Like the Dead

I’ve tried the Ruta Cleanse capsules that remove caffeine from your system in a couple of hours, and I really like how they work. I was excited to try the Ruta Sleep, which in addition to removing caffeine from your system also includes time released Melatonin. I usually don’t have trouble falling asleep, but I have a lot of trouble staying asleep and even more trouble falling back to sleep. Since I have small boys who inevitably wake me up, sometimes several times a night, this inability to fall back to sleep is nothing short of a nightmare for me. I’ve never tried anything with Melatonin in it before now, but I found it to be quite effective as a sleep aid. I took two Ruta Sleep, and slept like the dead, so much so my husband had to take care of our boys in the middle of the night because I didn’t even realize they had woken up. In the future, I think I will take Ruta Sleep earlier than the recommended 2 hours before bed because after eight hours of near solid sleep, which was absolute heaven, I continued to feel quite groggy for a couple of hours in the morning, which was not quite as heavenly. Overall, I was highly pleased with how easily Ruta Sleep enabled me to get a good night’s sleep and would certainly recommend it to others who have trouble sleeping.
— Nikki

Similar to Ruta Cleanse

This product seems to be the same as the Ruta Cleanse,
perhaps repackaged/re-marketed. I use this a couple of
hours before bed. If I’ve had what I would consider a lot of caffeine
I take two. I have not had trouble sleeping since using it.
Great Product with no side affects so far.

I would recommend this to ANYONE that has trouble
with sleepless night due to caffeine. I don’t know if it would work with
Jolt or Redbull or some of the other over the top type drinks that some
people drink a lot of, but it would be worth a try.
— Lynn May

Good Night

This product will help you fall asleep. There is no guarantee that you won’t wake up during the night. Even so, this product is decent and will help to offset restless nights and broken sleep. It is also a natural product which I think makes it all the more safe and effective.
— BeatleBangs1964

Sleep comes easily with simple ingredients that help relax your body naturally

These pills have Rutaecarpine combined with Melatonin to ease your body into a relaxing sleep until your alarm clock goes off the next morning as they are timed release. I liked that they are created by pharmacists and I prefer them to my usual Tylenol PM as I don’t always need a pain ingredient but do need a sleep aid. I would let my teenager try this too if she needed to unwind after studying and couldn’t sleep. For my family, I would buy a larger package than just 7 days worth to have on hand.
— Sandra Trolinger

Nice natural sleep aid

I take melatonin every night for my delayed sleep phase disorder. I generally avoid caffeine after lunch time, but when I do have a caffeinated soda with dinner, this ruta sleep aid seems to provide a little extra help getting to sleep and staying asleep compared to melatonin only. Keep in mind the recommended dose is two tablets, so purchase accordingly, but you may be able to get away with just one tablet depending on body factors.
— Karl Bielefeldt

Here’s to good sleep!

I’ve always been one to have a hard time sleeping but with RUTAsleep, I am now able to fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer. I will be ordering more soon.
— M. Brown

Gets rid of caffeine and jitters

I love drinking coffee. I just believe a day is not that complete without a cup. Some days though i need the coffee to keep awake and do the things i need to do. Often it becomes difficult to fall asleep after a day of several cups of coffee. I took two tabs of Ruta sleep on one of such days just as directed on the pack. Not only did sleep early, i slept well and woke up very refreshed. I will definitely keep this in stock.
— Kindle Customer "beecee"